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Meet Three New Confidants In Persona 5

It seems like Persona 5 will have no shortage of new people to help mold your protagonist. These new confidants all have something to teach that will help you when you are fighting, and, if they are like previous Persona side characters, should have an interesting story that unfolds as you get to know them better.

First up is Hifumi Togo. She is the super competitive shogi player that will teach you some strategy. By playing her and advancing in skill, you will learn to switch characters during a battle and escape an ambush. If you have ever been low on health and going for the exit, escaping can be a very valuable skill.

Sadayo Kawakami is the next confidant. She is the protagonist’s home room teacher, and she has a secret with a potential Mary Kay Letourneau vibe from the video. Fortunately, she is only in a maid outfit, because her main job as a teacher does not pay that well. Either way, she does not want her second job to be discovered, and she offers to let the protagonist skip some classes. She will also let him use the time to read books, sleep, or work on infiltration plans during school. She will even clean and cook for the protagonist in her job as a maid.

The last confidant is a politician named Toranosuke Yoshida, and he  gives speeches near the train station decrying the corruption of government and fighting for the future. He seems to genuinely care, and a genuine politician may be the most shocking and unbelievable thing in this game so far. The protagonist can improve his speech skills by spending time listening, so that he can better negotiate with his enemies in battle.

With every new trailer and character drop, we are quickly exhausting the ways we can say we are excited to play Persona 5. It looks like a deep JRPG with a wonderfully rich world, and, as always, we cannot wait for its release on April 4th.

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