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Meet Your Monsters in Sea of Solitude on July 5th

With one week to go until its July 5th release, my excitement to delve into the hauntingly beautiful world of Sea of Solitude is building. This highly anticipated titled from EA Originals studio Jo-Mei Games follows Kay, a women transformed into a monster by the loneliness that torments her.

As you venture through a flooded world, you’ll rid it of tainted memories, aid other monsters in their plight, and confront the darkness that binds you to your inhuman form. The world around you responds to your actions with the water level and weather shifting as you push back the darkness, unveiling new paths through the environment.

Explorations of mental health have provided some of gaming’s most powerful and affecting storytelling in recent years, exemplified by games like Hellblade and Night in the Woods. The interactivity of games allows for an experience that is distinctly personal, nuanced and cathartic, and Sea of Solitude’s unique, introspective journey into loneliness looks to be a turbulent and touching one.

Sea of Solitude releases on July 5th. Check out the game’s trailer below:


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