Mega Man 11 Announced For 2018, One of Many

Mega Man 11

Mega Man, or RockMan if you’re in Japan, is making a comeback to our screens. The side-scrolling m-android will take centre stage in a whole new adventure for PlayStation 4 called Mega Man 11, Capcom has announced.

The action game has been going on for three decades, but the trailer above shows it is as refreshing as ever. What started as an influential 8-bit title will now get a new lease of life on the latest generation of console whilst retaining the character we have grown to love. Heck, that we’ve grown up with.

Levels can be tackled in any order you want, but don’t be expecting the same old same old. The bosses are brand spanking new so they’re going to make you work for their shiny shooty things. Gun control, of sorts.

The new artwork has been dubbed 2.5D. Does this mean we only need to wear half of our 3D glasses? Apparently not. Instead it means hand drawn vistas (not a computer, but the view) coupled with 3D character modelling. In their own words, it gives “a fresh, modern design.”

One change that has been implemented is that not only will our man Mega take on a different colour once he’s kicked those baddies’ bums, but he’ll now take on their characteristics too. Check out the trailer to see this in action.

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Rush, his canine side kick will also be making a return, because what is life without a dog, alongside other classic characters from earlier instalments. And for you aficionados, a whole host of difficulty settings is also bundled in. So if you think you’re good, think again.

That is not all. Capcom also said:

This is just the start of Mega Man’s 30th anniversary, and we have even more in store to celebrate the Blue Bomber’s history throughout the anniversary year in 2018. If you’re a fan of the futuristic Mega Man X games, we’ve got great news for you – all eight Mega Man X games are coming to PS4 next year! We’ll have more info to share on these plans soon, so start thinking about which Mavericks you want to tackle first!

At the moment, Mega Man 11 is in development and looking at a release date of Summer 2018.

Is this news ‘mega’? Or has it gone down like a rock balloon? 

Mega Man 11Mega Man 11

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