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Mega Man 11 PS4 Demo Available to Download and Play Right Now

Capcom has come up trumps and released a brand new demo for Mega Man 11 on PS4. The demo is actually available as I sit here typing this article, so go ahead and hit up the PlayStation Store and add it to your download list.

The demo features a whole level that you can play from start to finish, as well as tackling a boss at the end. It’s a short but sweet experience and I imagine hardcore Mega Man fans will be happy just to get a snippet of gameplay before it releases next month.

Fair play on Capcom, too – true demos are rare these days, and have since been replaced by paywalled betas, so thumbs up from Chris, even if I’m not a Mega Man enthusiast…

Mega Man 11 will release on October 2nd for PS4 and other platforms. You can pre-order the digital edition from the PlayStation Store, or you can go ahead and grab the physical copy for your collection via Amazon.

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