Metal Gear Online Is Adding Quiet And Three New Maps

At Tokaigi 2016 Konami announced that Quiet would be coming to Metal Gear Online along with three new maps for your sneaking pleasure. Quiet is being added as a new unique character option, which means if the ‘Unique Character’ setting is turned on before the beginning of a match one player will spawn as an unique character, possibly Quiet.

The new maps are called: Coral Complex, Rust Palace and Azure Mountain. We’ll include some pictures of the maps down below, they should look somewhat familiar to those of you that played the game’s single player campaign. We’ll also include a picture of Quiet, although that’s probably not necessary considering she was in pre-launch trailers, silly controversial articles, and was the main culprit behind one of the game’s game-breaking glitches – we’re petty sure she’ll look familiar. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date for you just yet, but we’ll update if we find it out.

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