Metal Gear Solid V for PS4 Discounted 58% on PSN, Other Deals for North America/Europe/UK

It’s the weekend, ladies and gents, so that means lots of gaming will be done by stressed out workers across the lands. Maybe some of them need a new game to play this weekend? Maybe they missed out on a couple of games a while back and completely forgot they even existed? We don’t care, we just want to tell you that there’s a few deals worth knowing about.

For the UK/European players there’s a decent discount on the PS4 edition of Konami’s lauded Metal Gear Solid: V The Phantom Pain. Instead of costing a hefty £54.99, you’ll only pay £24.99. It’s probably still cheaper to look online for a used copy, but if you can’t wait then it’s not a totally awful deal.

FIFA 16 and FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition have also been discounted on PS4 with the former now down to £19.99 and the latter down to £29.99. Not a bad offer, go and get your Jose Mourinho outfit on and guide Manchester United back to their glory days.

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North American players haven’t got it so good unfortunately, but there’s still a few discounts. Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends has dropped to $29.99 on PS4 and $19.99 on PS3. Then there’s Monster High: New Ghoul in School on the last-gen machine that’s also down to $19.99. PS Plus members can get an extra cheeky discount on Whitetail Challenge on PS3 which has been knocked down to $9.99, though Plus members need only pay $4.99.

And finally, Dungeons 2 on PS4 has had a tenner knocked off its price which brings it down to $49.99. Not amazing, but we’re sure some will appreciate the savings, even if they are a little skimpy.

So, anything take your fancy, or is it down to the local playground to play on the swings instead? 

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