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Metro Exodus Brings the Firepower in Latest Trailer

With hungry mutant animals and equally vicious humans, the world of Metro Exodus is a very dangerous place, so it’s no surprise that Artyom and friends will need something that goes pew pew to stay alive. The latest trailer shows your arsenal in frozen Russia, and it’s perfect for a game built on scavenging and understanding your situation to stay alive.

There are multiple classes of weapons in the game, but they are more of a starting point than a fixed class. You have the typical handguns, shotguns, rifles, and special weapons, but all of them can be modified. For me, the most dramatic change is in the handguns. They show your basic revolver being turned into an entirely different device after a barrel and stock switch. The way it fires can change from a single shot to emptying your gun.

Your creations are only limited to your preferences and available materials. As you loot, the items found can be replaced on your gun in the field. The trailer shows you dropping your pack and switching parts wherever you happen to be. Your mobile gun bench creates the tools to take down whatever is causing you trouble, and there are plenty of extras shown such as night vision and a flame thrower.

This is a critical part of your journey, because there aren’t any gun stores to give you a shiny new replacement. Most weapons have had to be cobbled together, and the designs reflect that. It’s the apocalypse, remember? Only Twinkies, cockroaches, and some Russians survived.

It’s not all bad news. It looks like you can modify your weapons to be anything from a multi-barrel shotgun to a highly-magnified sniper rifle. As long as you clean and maintain your weapons, you can handle just about anything, although I have serious doubts about the bear thing-y (technical term) at the end of the trailer.

Metro Exodus is the third entry in the series. This time, Artyom and the Spartans are headed across Russia to find a better life. Taking place across a full year and non-linear levels, this looks to be the most ambitious Metro yet. Give your sweetheart a bunch of kisses goodbye on Valentine’s Day, because Metro Exodus’ journey to the East starts on February 15th.

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