Metro: Exodus Update Brings New Game Plus Underground

This is becoming rudimentary practise amongst the industry, but New Game Plus will be coming to Metro: Exodus in the next update.

In what will be the biggest patch to date, 1.04 will finally offer you the chance to replay the game in the fortunate position of being armed to your teeth and dressed to the nines. Aka, all of your weaponry will be carried forward, but only if that’s what you want.

That’s because you’ll have the option of switching to a single weapon limitation, which is exactly as it sounds. Choosing this will restrict you to holding only one weapon at a time, and if you fancy a change you’ll have to do a swap. Also, you can choose to arm yourself with the crossbow from the beginning of the story instead of following convention and waiting for it to come into play. But that’s not all.

New Game Plus will be lavished with new trophies, and developer commentary will be scattered throughout the world in the form of cassette tapes. The critters can be strengthened in the form of thicker hides. And the day-night cycle can be made realistic with a 24 hour clock. And there’s more…

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The team have devised a way of allowing players to alter the number of radiation zones plaguing the region, inevitably raising the challenge. Enemy AI will be strengthened. And, elsewhere, a wider range of game modes have been designed to make you sweat – give Iron Mode a go if you think saving is for wusses!

Finally, the Ukrainian language is now supported, in text and voiceovers.

Over on the official site, 4A Games thanked fans for their hard work in detecting the areas that most needed addressing. In total, all of the performance improvements and extra bits weigh in at 6GB in size. And it is available now.

(Save any confusion, patch 1.04 has been christened the Ranger Update.)

Can you handle a second run through of Metro: Exodus? Or do you prefer to see the world through rose tinted gasmasks?

Source: Metro The Game

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