Metro Exodus Was the Hardest Game The Team at 4A Games Ever Made

Metro Exodus has dropped a second making of trailer, and the team talks about their experiences in design. Over the roughly eight minutes, they spend a few talking about trying to nail the world design. They also love their engine, visuals, and artists. A lot. You can tell this is a team that respects each other professionally, and they are not afraid to toot their graphics’ horn as one of the best out there. To see why they are so confident, check out their footage. It is pretty nice.

They talk about the weapons again, and they decided to go for mechanical accuracy in design. It’s an interesting choice to spend time and resources designing weapons this way, but they are nothing if not thorough. The “dirt mechanic” will keep you cleaning your weapons to make sure they function properly. If you like to go swimming a lot or if you go through a dust storm, the gun will reflect that dirt, and it will overheat and jump more.

I can’t cover the full eight minutes (and why would you want me to?), but the last big takeaway from the trailer is how much the team believes in the product. Multiple times they mention that they are giving the players freedom and options they want, but just as often they say they are making the game they want to make without negotiation.

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It makes a lot of sense when they discuss it. They make games they want to play. They make them operate the way they want them to operate with features they want to see as they test it day after day. There is a clear sense of pride when they say this. They also acknowledge that this is the hardest game they have ever made. The pride is evident here too, and it’s nice to see a company so committed and unabashedly confident on its uncompromising vision so close to the release.

Give the trailer a watch to see what the team has to say, and you can start counting down the days until February 15th when we’ll all have a chance to see the vision of Metro Exodus in action.

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