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Metro Exodus Will Include a Poster in Initial Physical Copies

As the last bit of news in the Metro Exodus barrage this week, we learned that first-run physical copies will include a poster with some of the monsters you will encounter as you journey across Russia. All of them look pretty nasty, and I’ll bet they are even worse as they try to kill you.

If you already pre-ordered the game, it will be added to it, without you having to make any changes. If you want to be sure to receive the poster, a pre-order is recommended (naturally). The Aurora Limited Edition still has some availability if you want all the bells and whistles and season pass, but it still falls a little short of the Artyom Edition we saw earlier.

Maybe it’s a natural desire to be stubborn, but it is nice to see so much focus on a physical product in a time when digital is said to be the one true way for gaming. Until we get there, you can buy Metro Exodus digitally or physically when it ventures into the Russian wilderness on February 15th.

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