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Metroidvania Stealth-Action Game Quantum Replica Coming to PS4

Developer ON3D Studios and publisher 1C announced today that along with a PC release in Q1 of 2017, Quantum Replica will be hitting PlayStation 4s in Q2 of 2017. You play as an amnesiac who somehow managed to enter a sprawling, dystopian megacity. A place that is ruled and watched over by an artificial intelligence mind that runs the city’s functions. Naturally you’re target numero uno by the A.I. and security forces as you hunt down clues about your existence.

The powers at your disposal deal with time manipulation and stealth by creating hiding spaces and eliminating enemies. You can expect fast-paced, stealth, action gameplay in a cyberpunk city with many secrets to discover.

Working on Quantum Replica is a challenge, because our game location and atmosphere were inspired by some of the great works of movie and gaming history. We’re crafting a specific feel for the game while injecting new ideas into it, mainly into the gameplay mechanics. Seeing the two come together is very rewarding.” – Jaime Castilla, ON3D Studios.

The trailer below shows off some key gameplay mechanics and locations. Not to mention the fact that you eliminate someone by encasing them in a pink bubble. Enjoy.

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