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Mia Karnstein Will Either Capture or Carve Out Your Heart in Code Vein

Bandai Namco is giving us a little more background on Code Vein’s Mia Karnstein. Driven by her deep concern for her brother, she is not going to back down from a threat. Her more conventional weapons are a rifle with a bayonet, but that’s not what should worry you. Although they are dangerous, it’s her Blood Veil transformation and stinging tail that will cause the most damage.

Mia wants to live and control her own life. Being born a Revenant in the time of the Great Collapse, that’s probably a pretty common wish. However, Mia is a little special. She has the will and power to make it so. If that’s not enough to prove she is special, she is also immortalized as a 17cm figurine in the collector’s edition of the game. I think that qualifies as special.

In Code Vein, you and a Revenant companion will journey through a broken land to regain memories and escape. You will be able to use the fancy Blood Veil attacks and customize weapons and Blood Code skills to use against dangerous monsters in this third person action RPG.

Code Vein will release on September 28th.

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