Microsoft Buys Bethesda and Blows Next Generation Wide Open

Well, I certainly didn’t think I’d be writing this today. But I can confirm that Microsoft have bought the parent company of Bethesda for $7.5 billion. And that the whole gaming community are now scrambling to work out what this means for the upcoming generation. With the RPG development studio taking a seat at the Team Xbox table, alongside the revered Obsidian, this could have long reaching consequences for a number of new projects. Not to mention, help lift the company that was on the back foot this time around to greater heights.

I can simply echo what others have said, and say Bravo, Microsoft – that’s one heck of a power play. Surely, that’s check mate?

Some wishful thinkers were hoping this news would be accompanied by the announcement that Microsoft is turning its back on the hardware market to become software suppliers – if only to guarantee that us PlayStation gamers will still be able to access Bethesda’s games. But it seems as if the company is determined to get a number of exclusives this next generation – even if that means buying up whole development teams to make it happen (and probably a few IPs, too). And if that’s the case, nothing is certain.

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Right now, that’s pretty much all we know. And that will probably be the case for some time to come. But with the future of Fallout, The Elder Scrolls and Starfield all up in the air, who knows where this bombshell will lead – this news has me more excited than Sony’s launch!

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