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Midgar Gets a Facelift and an Expansion in Final Fantasy VII Remake

We knew that Square Enix had done something more than just a mere carbon copy of the original Final Fantasy VII. And that this first part of the remake was going to be quite the time sink. But we’ve now received news that Midgar won’t only be looking better in this hotly anticipated release – it’s also going to look a little new.

That’s because it will include areas that weren’t previously included. Or should that be, areas that didn’t exist back then?

I guess given the scale of the project, it was only inevitable that the location was opened up a little more. Otherwise it would have been a tiny bit harder to gift it such a prolonged and central part in this rethinking of a classic. It will also bring a bit of freshness to the game for returning players, who may have played the original extensively.

But due to how infamous Final Fantasy VII is with the community, I don’t think many would have turned up the chance to play through it again. Especially with today’s graphics. 

Its director shared the news by saying

“I thought it would be good to open up some of the locations, so players could explore more of those places that they wanted to see when they played the original. People wanted to go into this building or see that facility. So I think you will get even more of a feel for Midgar than you did the first time.”

A strategy that is quite refreshing when it comes to remakes.

After all, they can be very remarkable games on today’s hardware. But the familiarity can make them feel a little “old” as you’ve paced those same floors before. However, if tweaks are made to the original backbone – even if they’re ever so slight – both newcomers and returning fans benefit as a result.

Source: IGN

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