Mighty No.9 Finally Has a PS4 Release Date, PS Vita Version to Come “Later”

Mighty No.9 Finally Has a PS4 Release Date, PS Vita Version to Come “Later”

It seems like forever ago since Keiji Inafune’s Kickstarter for Mighty No.9 made a splash in the gaming news waters. Since the game was funded and given a release date, it’s been delayed several times, much to the annoyance of fans and backers across the world.

Well, the game finally has a release date, or at least it does on PS4. Inafune took to the Mighty No.9 blog to post his sincerest apologies to the game’s patient backers who have been waiting for what seems like forever to get their hands on the game.

Inafune confirms that Mighty No.9 will release on June 21st in North America and Asia while the rest of the world will get their hands on the game on June 24th. The game has gone gold so there will be no more delays, though PS Vita fans will be a little peeved to learn that the portable version isn’t quite ready yet. Inafune didn’t give an expected release date for the Vita version, only that it’ll come “at a later point” in time. Bugger. Still, better to have it on the PS4 at least.

So, Mighty No.9 will be available next month digitally via the PSN, or via your favourite retailer on disc. We’ll know soon enough if it’s been worth the wait.


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