MIGS 2016: Ex-Sony Exec to Talk “Golden Age of Gaming”; Naughty Dog, Rocksteady, and More on VR Challenges

MIGS 2016: Ex-Sony Exec to Talk “Golden Age of Gaming”; Naughty Dog, Rocksteady, and More on VR Challenges

The annual Montreal International Game Summit is just around the corner and we now know that Sony’s former executive, Adam Boyes, will be opening the two-day event with his keynote speech ‘Gaming’s Gold Rush’.

Adam Boyes was Vice President of Publisher and Developers relations at Sony Computer Entertainment of America before leaving his post to take on the role of CEO at Iron Galaxy Studios. Not a bad gig if you can get it. The affable exec will be talking about how gaming is going through a ‘gold rush’ period, what with the innovations and technical breakthroughs afforded by ongoing research and development into virtual reality, augmented reality, and more.

On top of Boyes taking to the mic, we’ll also hear from Naughty Dog’s Matthew Gallant. Gallant worked on the combat design and artificial intelligence systems on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, so we reckon he knows a thing or two. It may be a little mundane to the everyday layman, but there’s bound to be some interesting tidbits.

Rocksteady will also be represented at MIGS16 with Atanas Raykov who will go into detail just how much of a pain the neck it is to develop for virtual reality and how user interfaces pose more of a challenge with the format. Thrilling… Yes, it’s a slow news day. Bear with us.

The headline acts (if you can call them that?) are as follows:
·         Design – Matthew Gallant (Naughty Dog) on his combat design and AI work on Uncharted 4
·         Production and project management – Thomas Puha (Remedy Entertainment) on the Making of Quantum Break
·         Business and marketing – Sarah Wick (Revelmode) on the impact of influencers and youtubers
·         Visual Arts – Atanas Raykov (Rocksteady) on the challenges in developing UI for VR
·         Audio – RJ Mattingly (Popcap) on how to make the sharpest tools and automated processes
·         Programming and technology – Anna Kipnis (Double Fine) on how to approach writing dynamic dialog systems

So, what is MIGS16? It’s basically a bunch of smart people getting together to share ideas, business strategies, success stories, and maybe even some tales of abysmal failure. Life ain’t a fairytale, kid, and just like those geeks on Mythbusters say: Failure is always an option. (Editor’s note: It’s actually our internal site-wide motto…)

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