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Minecraft Bedrock Edition Finally Gets a PS4 Build

The Minecraft Bedrock Edition was meant to unite the community. But instead, due to a few conflicts of interest, PlayStation 4 builders were left out in the cold. However, that’s all set to change as an official release has today been announced.

And it’s happening sooner than you’d think.

That’s because, after such little talk of compromises being made, the Bedrock Edition for PlayStation will launch tomorrow – December 10th. And anyone who owns the original version will be updated for free this week, as well. Can’t complain at that, can we?

In addition to the usual bricks and pieces, the game will also come bundled with a Little Big Planet mash-up pack (for nostalgic reasons, probably) as well as other themed additions. Plus, it’s getting a physical release – so all of us blue case collectors will have two reasons to celebrate.

But what exactly do you get?

Well, the biggest change that the Minecraft Bedrock Edition will make for us Dualshock creators is in the access it grants to the Minecraft Marketplace, which is brimming with new world’s and skins. And, obviously, the cross-ply compatibility. But the greatest difference to the whole experience will come in the form of an Xbox login page, which is how this worked over on the Nintendo Switch and is how we assume it’s going to play out here too.

But, you never know, Sony may have managed to keep any Microsoft off of the PlayStation altogether. Not that it’s too much of a threat this generation, though that’s an article for a different day…

Are you ready to build across the console divides? Or is the Minecraft Bedrock Edition too much like DIY for you? Go build a comment in the box down there.

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