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Minecraft Dungeons PS4 Update 1.06 Out Now, Patch Notes Reveal Halloween Event

Mojang has released a brand new update today for Minecraft Dungeons on PS4 and it brings the game up to version 1.06. The update is also available on other platforms.

The new Minecraft Dungeons 1.06 update brings some spooky events to the game with seasonal challenges, trials, and new rewards. Don’t you just love Halloween stuff in your games? Minecraft Dungeons is the perfect place for it, mind you, considering it’s already filled with creepy crawlies and stinky zombies.

The update also brings a new difficulty mode for those looking for a mean challenge. Apocalypse Plus will test your skills and it also comes with 20 challenging levels. The rest of the update is the usual slew of fixes, tweaks, and bug squashing.

Minecraft Dungeons PS4 Update 1.06 Patch Notes

  • From October 26th to November 3rd, we’re diving into all things creepy and crawly that you don’t want to miss. The time-limited Seasonal Trials will bring new challenges, and with new challenges comes new rewards!
  • The prizes for surviving these supernatural trials will be ultra-exclusive gear and weapons that are a must-have for this spooky season
  • Make sure you join in the frightful festivities before time is up!

Apocalypse Plus:

  • Can you face the meanest of mobs without breaking a sweat? Then the new Apocalypse Plus feature is for you!
  • Apocalypse Plus brings a harder difficulty mode than ever before, but it doesn’t stop there – it also comes with twenty increasingly challenging levels
  • This new feature doesn’t change the game you know and love but adds a whole new dimension of difficulty for those who want an extra challenge. Try Apocalypse Plus for yourself, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!
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Balance Changes:

  • Decreased the difficulty of some Daily Trials and all Trials now give better rewards
  • Pillager base damage has been reduced from 75 to 62
  • Deflecting has been rebalanced from 20/40/60% to 25/35/45%
  • Mob enchantments are now significantly scarier

Blacksmith Changes:

  • Just before retrieving an item after an upgrade, you can now see the possible power range
  • Once an item reaches a certain power level, you’ll need to play missions on higher difficulty levels to upgrade the item further
  • If the blacksmith can upgrade the item, the item always gets at least +1 power level after upgrading

Known Issue:

  • Unequipping items in the inventory without swapping the item for another item has some issues. This will be addressed in a future update


  • Fixed the Creepy Crypt Daily Trial not unlocking despite completing the requirements (MCD-4391)
  • Fixed the Daily Trials Completed counter not resetting to zero at midnight (MCD-4497)
  • Fixed Daily Trials on Underhalls being inaccessible for players who had unlocked but not completed the mission before Daily Trials were implemented

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