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Minecraft-Style MMO Boundless Coming to PS4 on September 11th

Boundless, the Minecraft-style MMO by Wonderstruck, will be releasing on PS4 this September 11th, as revealed in a brand new trailer for the game.

Minecraft influences aside, Boundless actually looks like a decent game in itself – it certainly sounds interesting on paper. You’ll be able to create your own settlements on any planet you fancy. If you grow tired of your planet and want to venture further a field, just build a portal and bugger off to a new planet and start afresh. It’s an open-ended game, according to the developers, so once you’ve found your feet and you know what you’re doing, you’re free to set your own goals and do whatever you like.

You can be a merchant that trades in local commodities, or you can be a warrior that hunts down nasty creatures. You can go it all alone if you wish, but you can also grab a few friends to tag along and help out with a big build or a battle against gruesome foes in wave-based conflicts.

It’s all looking rather good, I’d say, and I’ll be looking into Boundless when it releases on September 11th.

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