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Minecraft Will Support Cross-Platform Play Between PS4, Xbox One, and Mobile

Mojang and Microsoft announced today via a now-deleted Tweet on Twitter that Minecraft will be the first true cross-platform game between Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

There is a wee bit of a catch, though, as it’s not quite the announcement that we’d all been hoping for: it’s for Minecraft Realms. So basically, it’s the server renting side of Minecraft that will be available to players on PS4, Xbox One, and even mobile devices, and it will allow players to host their own games on rented servers and invite players from numerous platforms.

Before today’s botched announcement, Minecraft: Realms was available for cross-play between Android, PC, Xbox Live, and iOS devices.

The announcement that PlayStation 4 was to be joining the list of compatible consoles was made earlier today on Twitter, though the tweet has since been removed. Looks like somebody jumped the gun, but we imagine a proper announcement will come in due course.

“Minecraft brings everybody together, including competing devices,” is what the original tweet said. It was also mentioned that there would be a free trial for people new to Minecraft: Realms.

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