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Mini Motor Racing X Releasing on PS4/PSVR in December

There’s a new arcade racer skidding onto PS4 next month, and what’s more is that it’ll be fully compatible with PSVR, too. The game in question is Mini Motor Racing X from Gun Club VR developer The Binary Mill.

It’s a colourful arcade racer with a full single-player career, championships, and even online and local multiplayer. What’s more is that the game is completely playable in full using the PSVR headset. You can even go online with the PSVR version running and play against those who are playing on a traditional TV set up.

There’s no release date to speak of at the time of writing, just the vague announcement that it’ll be coming “next month” in December. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for a release date, and maybe even some gameplay footage.

  • MASSIVE CAREER MODE: Four huge championships and over 50 unique and vibrant environments to master, each with multiple day and night and weather variants.
  • UPGRADE YOUR RIDES: Unlock dozens of cars and then use your winnings to turn them into high-performance beasts.
  • PLAY IN FLAT OR PSVR WITH CROSS PLAY: Full support for VR and non-VR gameplay on PlayStation 4 with multiplayer cross-play between them.
  • RE-IMAGINED FOR VR: Immerse yourself like never before with PSVR. MMRX has been re-designed and tuned for PlayStation VR to bring the full game experience to life in new dimensions and play modes.
  • MULTIPLAYER: Full online multiplayer with up to four friends and local campaign co-op.
  • PARTY TIME: Challenge your friends online in party games to bring out your competitive spirit.
  • 4K: PlayStation Pro enhanced with native 4K visuals running at a silky 60fps, or 90fps in VR

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