Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Gets New Screenshots and Info on the Evil Corporations

Mirror’s Edge is only a few short weeks away from potentially blowing our collective minds, or if you’re reading this in the future, it may have already done so.

EA and DICE have released some new screenshots of the city itself that focus on the evil corporation that runs Glass City – a city apparently named by a 5-year old.

“On the busy streets of Glass, the corporations of the ruthless Conglomerate rule supreme. Their billboards are seen on almost every building and they serve to fuel the desire and aspirations of the regular citizens, while also adding to the glossy face of the Conglomerate exterior. Behind that exterior lurks a repressive and authoritarian regime, where a perfect mix of fear and envy has turned its citizens into willing participants of their own enslavement.”

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We suggest giving this link here a click to read all about each of the different companies over on the official Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst blog.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will release on May 24th for PS4 and other platforms. Rumour has it that we may actually be seeing a remaster of the original Mirror’s Edge on PS4, too.

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