Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Gets New Screenshots and Info on the Game’s Enemies

It was only a little earlier today that we wrote about Mirror’s Edge getting new screenshots and information on the evil corporations that populate the city of Glass, but here we are, back again talking about Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

This time, though, the focus has shifted away from the corporations and towards the lads who dish out the beatings to anyone who steps out of line. The official Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst blog has updated to give us some new screenshots of the bruisers that Faith will be going up against in the new Mirror’s Edge, but it also gives a bit of background on each character type.

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We heartily recommend giving the Mirror’s Edge blog a quick look if you want to know more about the game’s enemies, though at this point we’re starting to feel like EA and DICE is giving too much away before we’ve even stepped foot into Faith’s running shoes. Perhaps some things are best left as a surprise?

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