Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Rated M in Australia for Language, Violence and Themes

EA’s long-awaited Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is almost upon us so it’s fitting that the game has finally had an age rating. The Australian ratings board has recently rated the free-running prequel to Mirror’s Edge and has awarded it a rating of ‘M’ due to language, themes and violence. Lovely.

For all the perverts out there hoping to see Faith get wasted on illegal drugs, strip nude and then run around the game’s open world: tough luck. Mirror’s Edge doesn’t have any drugs, nudity or sex, or at least none that the Australian ratings board found to be worthy of mentioning.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is due to hop, skip and jump on to PS4 and other platforms this May 24th. We’ve waited years for this, so let’s hope it’s worth the wait, yeah?

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Looking forward to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? Show off your best parkour down in the comments below.

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