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Mirror’s Edge: Remastered May Be a Thing on PS4

This truly is the generation of the remaster, isn’t it? We’ve seen plenty of old games re-released on the PS4 over the last few years since the console released, and it now looks like we may see Mirror’s Edge get the remaster treatment, too.

Folks over on the Mirror’s Edge sub-reddit have been going bonkers over an image that was captured by one of its users that shows Mirror’s Edge: Remastered listed on Amazon.com. However, we’ve done a quick search of the site and can’t find it ourselves which means that a) it was removed promptly by Amazon, or b) it’s an elaborate fake by some nasty pasty.

We’re hoping that it’s the former and not the latter, because while the original game is still pretty good, wouldn’t it be ace to get to play it with next-gen graphics that don’t remind you that 1080p wasn’t all that common back in the PS3-era?

Would you be up for going through Faith’s debut game, or will Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst be enough for you? Hop, skip and jump into the comments below.

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