Missing Spyro the Dragon? You Need to See Griff the Winged Lion

Retro games are making a comeback. There’s no doubting it. Just look at the situation with people stabbing each other to get hold of SNES mini pre-orders. OK, we’re not sure anybody has been stabbed yet, but the nostalgia factor is making some big bucks for those who take the time to cash in on it.

Let’s take Griff the Winged Lion as the latest example. The game is currently in production with a playable demo, but the developers have taken to Kickstarter to try to raise some funds to get the game finished and released. If you’re not sure what Griff the Winged Lion is, check out the video up above and take a look at the Kickstarter page for more info on the game’s characters.

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If, for whatever reason you can’t watch the video, we’ll spell it out for you here. Griff the Winged Lion is, ahem, heavily inspired by the PlayStation poster-boy, Spyro the Dragon. It’s similar in just about every conceivable way. From the low-poly characters, to the stretched out textures that make up the game’s world – it’s all very familiar. We’re not bashing it, really, just point out what the developers themselves have already stated.

The team behind Griff the Winged Lion (that name needs a change…) aim to have the game out on PS4 by December 2018. That’s providing they don’t get assassinated by Activision’s lawyers (Activision owns Spyro’s soul now).

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