MLB The Show 21 Extends Double XP Offer as Servers Suffer Multiple Strikeouts

MLB The Show 21 can boast a larger player base than ever before as the series capitalises on its growth in popularity over recent years. But this also comes with a downside as it asks its servers to handle more traffic than they’ve ever had to – and this is something they have failed to handle well. Lost progress and multiple network disconnections are plaguing the game currently, leading the developers to offer a sweetener of sorts.

MLB The Show 21 has had a good launch week. It’s been well received (for most parts) and players seem to be really enjoying the latest incarnation of the series, which is famed for its ball physics and robust controller scheme. That is when they’re actually able to see some action. You see, the servers are currently struggling to handle the demand for the game and are kicking players off the field left, right and centre. So, as a result, progress is being lost – online as well as offline – and players are becoming a little worn out with it all.

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At least there’s an incentive to keep playing. Or, should I say, persevering?

As way of an apology, the developer has announced that it is extending the Double XP window indefinitely, allowing you more time to complete the 1st Innings part of the Diamond Dynasty mode. But as that requires you to be online to complete its demands, the server issues could still hamper your progress. That means, regardless of what incentives are offered and for how long, we’re all still left waiting on the team to find a suitable fix.

Or for enough people to give up trying to reconnect because that should work too…

Still, it should be easier to sort out than the progression and stat sticking issue that are currently hampering people’s enjoyment. Although, both should be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Source: Twitter

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