MLB The Show 21 Will Have its Progression Problems Fixed in Future Patch

MLB The Show 21 is getting a lot of praise, something the series has been receiving in the bucket loads for the last few years. However, there have been changes made to this year’s game that significantly hamper progress. And as a result, a Road to the Show is a long and winding one. 

MLB The Show 21 does a lot right – just like the games before it. But there has been an optional amalgamation of features that has critically hampered progress. For the first time in the series, Diamond Dynasty and a Road to the Show are compatible with your very own player. But there’s a catch.

Because there always is, right? Or maybe not when I’m at the controller…

As a result of this decision, progression has been slowed down. Noticeably too, if the posts on Reddit are anything to go by. And it’s equally as sluggish should you choose to play only a Road to the Show; adding Diamond Dynasty to the mix has little further effect. So, although you can play your own designed player in both modes and still move forward with their career, the whole thing simply feels as though more “card collecting” is needed.

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Now, this is something the development team has denied is the case, stating “Any participation in DD is purely optional and at no point should anyone feel like they need to monetise to progress their Road to the Show career”. But that doesn’t stop the game from resonating such a feeling in its current form.

Hence, the team has been forced to intervene, with them promising to fix things in an upcoming patch. The statement also implies that they know what needs addressing too, as it reads “We’re fixing an issue where ballplayers aren’t getting enough progress from Road to the Show training choices and base gains in a future update”. So, that should speed the process up a little. However, there are a few other criticisms to go with this one, which means there will be a few more news posts before the game is grand.

Source: TheShow

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