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Monkey King: Hero is Back Announced for PS4, Releasing First in China Early 2019

When I think of Oasis Games, I typically tend to think of PSVR releases; the publisher has been on fire since the release of PSVR with a fair few decent games released for the headset.

The next game to be published by Oasis Games, however, won’t be a PSVR release but instead a regular 2D game for PS4. I know, I was disappointed to until I watched the trailer, which you can see up above.

Oasis Games announced at this year’s ChinaJoy event that it would be publishing Japanese developer Hexa Drive’s Monkey King: Hero Is Back on PS4. There is a catch, though, and the catch is that it’ll be releasing in early 2019 for China, with other regions to follow at a later date. It could be a week later, it could be six months, but at this moment there’s no way to tell.

Why first in China? The game is actually based on a popular Chinese animated movie that released in 2015. I can see that being a valid reason, what with developers keen to be seen as warming to consumers after a lengthy console ban being lifted in 2015.


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Oasis Games Press Release

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