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Monkey King: Hero is Back Launch Trailer Released

Monkey King: Hero is Back is out today on PS4, and to celebrate the game’s release THQ Nordic has released a brand new trailer. A launch trailer, you could say…

Monkey King: Hero is Back has received middling reviews, though very few have been straight up dismissals. Our own review by Stuart was a firm but fair one, with a final score of 6/10 – Good. He summarised:

Monkey King: Hero is Back is an enjoyable enough action-adventure game, that once it gets going makes the most of its simple systems and mechanics. Although no Dark Souls, there is something here for younger players to find and enjoy.

Given the source material – a children’s film – it’s unsurprising that it’s not the most challenging of games. Kids don’t see things the same way us pessimistic, jaded adults do, so there’s a good chance the little folk will enjoy this colourful game.

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