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Monster Hunter World Free Trial Going On Now

If you are looking for another big game to sink your teeth into, Monster Hunter World is having a free trial event now. Running through March 30th (full start and end times below for different regions), the Monster Hunter Twitter account shows you can play through most of the Low Rank by playing the first act of the story available in the free trial. To give your game a boost, you’ll be starting with guardian armor and defender weapons. I don’t know what those are, but it sounds better than basic weapons and armor.

As usual, any progress made in the free trial will be transferred over to the full game. Since you’ve been around the free trial/demo block a few times, yes, the game is currently discounted to make that purchase a little more tempting. Both the base game and Icebourne Master Edition containing the base game are on sale.

If you’ve wanted to give Monster Hunter World a try or you’ve eliminated your backlog due to being stuck at home, here is your chance to hunt some wild and dangerous beasts.

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