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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Gets Two New Beasts On March 23

Not to long ago, we found out that the world of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne would be coming under threat from two new “wee beasties”. Now we know exactly when they’ll start to go on the prowl. From March 23rd, these two additional monsters will be stalking their prey and looking for a hearty supper (*cough* you *cough*). But will you show them who’s boss?

Or will they prove two monsters too many?

Since its release, Monster Hunter World has enjoyed a generous and varied selection of updates. All of which have expanded upon both the adventure and challenge on offer. But Capcom aren’t finished with the game just yet, deciding to throw a couple of more threats into the ring – just in case there weren’t enough as it is! As a result, both the Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang will be released into the digital wild in twenty-one days’ time.

Just make sure your armed and ready!

Who knows how many future updates we’ll get for this game, or how long they’ll continue to support it and the expansion. But the question must be asked – just how big can Iceborne get before Monster Hunter World 2 starts to suffer? Because thinking up new ideas or refreshing those of old takes both effort and time. Something that can rarely be expended across two different games/generations simultaneously. And something that may become obvious on the sequel’s launch.

Whenever that ends up being – with sales being as healthy as Monster Hunter World’s (and those of Iceborne, too), they’ll hardly be in a hurry to release the second. 

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