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Month in Review: February 2020 PS4, PSVR Review

February 2020 was a little busier for us than the barren wasteland that was January. We managed to get 11 new reviews out for you fine people, and in case you missed them we’re sticking them all here for you to have a gander at.

Thankfully, most of the games we reviewed in February were really good, with only the occasional stinker. It’s hard work reviewing games, you know, and it’s not made any easier when the games in question just aren’t that good. Thankfully February saw some good releases like Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Hunt: Showdown, and the console version of the excellent Two Point Hospital.

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To read the reviews, simply click the game’s name down below and you’ll be taken to a new page to read the review.

Review: Journey to the Savage Planet – PS4

Review: 7th Sector – PS4

Review: Heroland – PS4

Review: Lode Runner Legacy – PS4

Review: Zombie Army 4: Dead War – PS4

Review: Darksiders Genesis – PS4

Review: Hunt: Showdown – PS4

Review: Infliction: Extended Cut – PS4

Review: Overpass – PS4

Review: Bloodroots – PS4

Review: Two Point Hospital – PS4 

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