Month in Review: January 2019’s PS4 and PSVR Reviews

January 2019 was a great start to the year for us gamers, wasn’t it? We had a few big releases with the likes of Kingdom Hearts 3 (review incoming!) and Resident Evil 2 Remake, but there were also a few decent little indies to get stuck into. Not bad by any account.

Of course, January isn’t normally very busy for us reviewers so there’s not a great deal to read on the review front. Still, each and every month we’ll collate the previous month’s reviews and plonk them in an article like this one to help those who may have missed them the first time around.

Below you’ll find every review we published from January 2019. To read the full review you just need to tap or click on the game’s name.

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Review: Road Redemption – PS4

“Road Redemption’s vehicular combat provides fleeting fun but repetitive objectives, limited gameplay variety and tedious progression make this ride feel like a slog.”

Review: Nippon Marathon – PS4

“Nippon Marathon is a weird game for weird people. I consider myself to be weird, but this is some next-level stuff. If you find that your tastes in games generally align with mine, leave this alone. If you sit around watching anime on your Hello Kitty TV whilst eating imported noodles with authentic wasabi sauce – go for it, you weirdo.”

Review: Smash Hit Plunder – PS4/PSVR

“Smash Hit Plunder has a great concept but it doesn’t do a whole lot with it. Smashing things is always fun and it’s even better with friends. Get this one for the multiplayer.”

Review: Vane – PS4

“Vane’s arresting visual design, inventive mechanics, compelling environmental storytelling, and tense, viscous atmosphere converge to create a truly exceptional experience and PS4’s first essential exclusive of the year.”

Review: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Legacy of the First Blade: Shadow Heritage – PS4

“Shadow Heritage is an adequate continuation of the Legacy of the First Blade storyline which suffers from a lack of focus on Darius’ tale. Antagonist The Tempest fails to live up to The Huntsman’s enigmatic menace while a jarring, forced ending forecasts a unsatisfying conclusion to this expansion. However, the same excellent gameplay and some strong character moments for Kassandra make this episode worth playing.”

Review: The Grand Tour Game – PS4

“The Grand Tour Game could have been a decent little add-on to a brilliant TV show. Instead it crashes and burns at every turn. You can thank to ‘naff handling for that.”

Review: Kingdom of Blades – PS4/PSVR

“Kingdom of Blades is more than a Fruit Ninja VR knock-off, even if it relies on the same gameplay concept. The campaign is tough and boss battles boil down to complete madness, so don’t be surprised to come away with arms that ache for days. Cheap and cheerful jollies.”

Review: Wandersong – PS4

“Wandersong is a joyous musical adventure. This original blends adventure, platforming and rhythm games to great effect to deliver a charming tale filled with humour and heart.”

Review: The Hong Kong Massacre – PS4

“The Hong Kong Massacre is a treasure of a game. It’s basically John Woo’s Stranglehold, but as a top-down shooter, and as Stranglehold is one of my favourite game’s of the PS360 era, that’s the highest praise I can give it.”

Review: Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps – PS4

“The City That Never Sleeps is more Spider-Man which a good thing, but the story tells is inconsistent. While Black Cat, Yuri and Spidey himself get some strong character moments, main antagonist Hammerhead proves to be a dull villain, weakening the story at large. This is still a worthwhile expansion, telling an engrossing story while bridging the gap to the inevitable sequel with some exciting teases.”

Review: Genesis Alpha One – PS4

“Genesis Alpha One isn’t a great FPS, and if you’re looking for Mass Effect-like space exploration, you’ll need to keep looking. But if you like deep base-building sprinkled with light alien blasting and space mining, then Genesis Alpha One delivers big time.”

Review: Resident Evil 2 Remake – PS4

“Resident Evil 2 is an excellent remake of a horror classic. While the narrative shortcomings of the original game remain so does the inescapable menace of its atmosphere and the timeless horror which makes it so compellingly terrifying. Excellent combat and level design make it a pleasure to play while a multiple campaigns and modes make this definitive edition rich with content.”

Review: Necrosphere Deluxe – PS4

“Necrosphere uses an uber simple game design to make an otherwise difficult and frustrating retro platformer fun to play. Plus it cost only a five spot and plays great on the PS Vita.”



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