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Month in Review: May 2020 PS4 and PSVR Reviews

We’re still here and the Big Bad Rona hasn’t finished us off just yet. We’ve mostly been staying home, working and playing, and that means we’ve been doing some reviews for you lovely folks to read and watch.

May wasn’t a very busy month for us on the reviews front, but we got a few out and if you missed them, you’ll find them all collated here. We’re doing more video reviews these days, and so the list below will state if there’s a video to go with it or not.

Thanks for sticking with us, and if you can find the time to subscribe to our humble YouTube channel, that’d be great. To read the reviews down below, simply click on the title and the review will open in a new window. Tech’s great, innit?

Review: Coffee Crisis – PS4

Review: Super Mega Baseball 3 – PS4 (Includes video review)

Review: Maneater – PS4 (Includes video review)

Review: Saints Row: The Third Remastered – PS4 (Includes video review)

Review: Bus Simulator Map Extension DLC – PS4 (Includes video review)

Review: Pixel Ripped 1995 – PS4/PSVR (Includes video review)

Review: Dread Nautical – PS4 (Includes video review)

Review: Book of Demons – PS4 (Includes video review)

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