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Moonlighter Between Dimensions DLC Available Now

You can take another trip into a new Moonlighter dungeon. The Between Dimensions DLC released today gives you a new dungeon, 10 new enemies and 5 mini bosses, a full set of new weapons, new armor, 10 new trick weapons, new rings, new shop upgrades, new customers, a new trader, and new story. All of this new content will run you $6.99 / £5.79. To play it, you will need to finish the main game first, but that is on sale on the US PlayStation store for $6.99. If you buy them separately, it’s currently cheaper than the bundle in the US.

If you don’t purchase the DLC, there are still some updates coming for free. There are some new thieves eyeing your merchandise. There is also a new indecisive customer to please. Finally, birds will harass your customers too. It’s hard out there for a small business, and it may be easier to fight the monsters in a dungeon. You can’t stab thieves or bad customers.

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Moonlighter was a fun mix of commerce and dungeon crawling with some rogue-lite elements. You play as a shopkeeper who inherits the family business but dreams of being a bold adventurer. To balance his needs and wants, he spends his nights fighting monsters in randomly generated dungeons and sells what he finds in his day job.

Check out the trailer and screenshots for a look at the new content.

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