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Moonlighter Releasing May 29th

Moonlighter is a game about a shopkeeper with dreams of being more. He works the family business during the day, but he loots dungeons at night to reach his dream of being a hero. He is the normal person who has one job to keep himself from dying, so he can work another job that lets him truly live. Yeah, we can relate.

During the day, you will set prices, help your customers, and try to keep dirty thieves from robbing your store. You will have to manage your finances and hire people to help you. Customers will have requests for you, and you can supplement your wares by crafting and enchanting.

At night, you will explore other procedurally-generated worlds through magical gateways. This is where the game turns into an action RPG with rogue-lite characteristics. Those monsters aren’t going to give up the blessed sword of whatever without a fight. The combat system will be influenced by your weapons, armor, and abilities, so you will need a strategy for survival.

The developer, Digital Sun, will also be giving Moonlighter a physical release with a standard and special limited edition. The LE version of the game will include a medallion, a poster, and “squishy Jelly-Monster” for $19.99 (USD).

Moonlighter will release on May 29th, so sharpen your business acumen as well as your sword.

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