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Moonlighter Will Receive Free Updates Into 2019

Moonlighter, the rogue-lite adventurer/shopkeeper game, will be receiving free updates throughout the rest of the year and into 2019. Based on fan feedback, the developer released a roadmap with the details today, while also mentioning that they will be keeping some secrets under wraps for now.

The More Stock Update will be rolling out this month. It will give players more than fifty new rooms for the dungeons. This will bring the new total combination to 600 patterns. In addition, they will be adding new visuals for armor and weapons and new tutorials to help you be a better entrepreneur.

Three more updates are planned for 2018. The Adventure Update will come next. This will add a New Game+ mode with a harder difficulty. It will also add powerful Dimension Weapons and Amulets.

The Companion Update allows you to bring someone along on your nightly activities in the dungeons. They will have different skills that can help you as you collect your new stock. This update also gives you the Custom Game Mode to change some variables around in the game. This should be very interesting.

Finally, the Trouble Update will release around Halloween with some themed items. It will also add new mini-bosses and item effects.

It’s one thing for a AAA studio to release some new skins as a thanks, but free updates for a small game like Moonlighter is really cool. It seems like the developers listen to the fans and improve a game that’s already been released with more than just patches. Fans love a game and stay engaged. It would be a real tragedy if this practice caught on in the industry.

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