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More Naruto Characters Coming to Jump Force

While we wait for the Jump Force beta times to be rescheduled, Bandai Namco dropped a few more names that are coming to the Jump Force roster. Naruto fans, this one is for you. Boruto Uzumaki, Gaara, Kakashi Hatake, and the goddess Kaguya Otsutsuki are going to included in the game. The new Konoha stage has also been announced.

How many total characters are now in the game? No idea, but it’s a lot. You can even create your own, so that’s more characters. It’s bursting with Shonen characters all screaming, punching, powering up, and jumping at you. It’s terrifying and wonderful at the same time.

That odd mix of emotions won’t have to remain unfulfilled for long. Jump Force will hitting the PS4 on February 15th, and you will be able to throw your favorite heroes and villains into huge battles to solve not only the mystery of why our worlds are becoming one, but, more importantly, which character is the strongest.

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