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More PS5 Pre-order Emails Sent Out By Sony

If you signed up to Sony’s magical PS5 notification and lottery system a while back, you may be receiving a golden ticket of an email soon. Wario64 posted an image on Twitter showing another user who had received an invitation to pre-order a PS5 from Sony directly. A few other users in the replies also confirmed receiving the email. Everyone who is lucky enough to be chosen will be able to start the purchase at 10 am PT on September 25th.

We don’t know how many more of these will be going out, but don’t sleep on the email. It’s a limited chance, and nothing is guaranteed. If you and millions of others are still not chosen, we feel your pain. In the US, GameStop is supposed to have more tomorrow for in-store pre-orders, and I think GAME in the UK will have more as well. I would call both to confirm, but at least there’s a shot.

I’ve hit refresh on my inbox about a 1,000 times, so I’m probably out of luck. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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