Moss: Book II Announced for PSVR

Polyarc’s mousey little hero is coming back for another adventure on PSVR in Moss: Book II – but when is it coming out?

Polyarc has announced that it is working on a sequel to the hit VR adventure game Moss and the follow-up, Moss: Book II, is coming to PSVR. But when? That has not yet been announced, sadly, but hopefully it’s sooner rather than later as the first game was a fine piece of VR media and I personally can’t wait to see how Polyarc has improved.

“We were blown away by the reception from fans to the Moss story. Players built an extraordinary bond with Quill. Countless emails, tweets, streams, and fan art postings made us feel like we had created something special,” said Josh Stiksma, principal software engineer and design director, Polyarc. “We’ve since poured our hearts into ensuring Book II is a worthy continuation of Quill’s journey, and hope fans around the world are ready to join Quill in the next chapter of her story.”

Moss: Book II continues Moss’ adventure through a cursed castle filled with dangerous traps, mind-teasing puzzles, and evil enemies. There are also new allies and old familiar friends ready to lend a helping hand, as well as you, the player, who will once again reach into the world to help the mousey hero.

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“In Moss, players not only guided Quill throughout gameplay, but they also reached into the world as their own character—their every action had an impact. Players return to this role in Book II and it’s our hope that they are once again reminded of the joy of physical interaction and the power of emotional feedback they can experience within VR,” said Stiksma. “And it’s that immersion that makes the journey feel all the more real and the stakes even higher.”

Moss: Book II has so far only been announced for PSVR, though there’s no release date or window as of yet. It’s likely the game will eventually release for other headsets, too, as the first game also found its way to PCVR and Oculus Quest.

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