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Moss Gets Physical This June, It’s Just a Shame About The Box

Moss is the mouse that got the cheese as it’s only gone and bagged itself a physical release. The PS VR puzzler was warmly received by both professional and amateur critics alike, which is probably why it is hitting our shelves in a pretty blue case.

When it launched, the main character (rodent) Quill certainly gave Stuart Little a run for his money in the cuteness department. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for its upcoming box art, which is cluttered to say the least. For some reason, which has us screaming WHY!!!, the designers have decided to plaster the front with review scores and accolades. Just let the mouse speak for himself!

We know developers are keen to shout their success from the rooftops, and when it’s such a deserving gem like Moss we can see why. But surely there is a more aesthetically pleasing way of incorporating the stars into the design without spoiling the overall appearance and detracting from the man of the hour, Quill? It’s almost as bad as the Switch’s download required banners…

Goggles at the ready – Moss gets physical on June 15th. And it’s currently up for pre-order at £24.85 (ShopTo).

Take a look at the case below and let us know what you think. And remember, don’t let the mouse nibble through your cables. Or worse, finish off your last cheese string. 



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