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Moss PSVR Demo Available as Standalone Release on PSN

Moss is one of the highest-rated PSVR games to date, and with good reason – it’s a great game! The bad news is that not everyone has bought it. Fair enough. But what’s worse is that there is a demo for the game, but it’s bundled in with a bunch of other demos are part of the oddly-named PSVR Demo Disc 2, which is a download on the PlayStation Store.

Today, however, you can try out Moss without having to download a bunch of demos that you may or may not need to download. The demo is available as a standalone demo over on the European PlayStation Stores today and, obviously, it’s a free download that’ll only cost you 4.75GB of hard drive space.

At the time of writing, the demo is only available on the UK/EU PlayStation Stores, but it will most likely end up on the other region’s stores soon enough.

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