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Moss PSVR Gets New Content in Next Update, Free DLC

Polyarc has announced that Moss will be gifted a new chapter of content, free of charge, in an upcoming patch. This is despite the game being well received by audiences, worldwide, and more than capable of bringing in further financial reward via paid for updates.

The forthcoming changes will build upon those cherished foundations by bringing “additional environments, challenges, and storytelling” to the game, along with brand new puzzles and combative encounters. All bundled up in the update, called ‘Twilight Gardens’, which will drop sometime in June.

It’s not often that we report on a game’s content being extended and the publisher/developer not expecting pennies in return. You usually can’t even get a new skin without having to remortgage your DS4. But Moss is bucking that trend, if rodents can buck, and for that we say, ‘thank you’.

Have you already helped Quill on her quest? Or is this the encouragement you’ve needed to fall into its trap? Don’t let the Moss grow in the comments box below; write us something cheesy.

Source: Eurogamer

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