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MOTHERGUNSHIP is Locked and Loaded for Release Next Month

It looks like July 17th is going to be a busy day for arcade-y games. MOTHERGUNSHIP is releasing then and bringing its LEGO version of gun-building, bullet hell to the PS4.

Your mission is to destroy the MOTHERGUNSHIP. Aliens wrecked Earth (ha, ha; it wasn’t us after all!), and it’s time to wreck them. The hook is how you do it. Plenty of games give you cool guns. This game lets you build your own. By using expandable chassis with different connection points, you can add lasers, chainguns, or shotguns to the same weapon with different types of modifiers. The trailer gives you some ideas of what you could create, but you should check out the gun crafting range demo on PSN to get a feel for how it works.

After creating your weapon of mass destruction, you will fight in a bullet hell style gameplay in endless or sandbox modes. If the demo is any indication, the action is fast, and the screen will be covered in projectiles to dodge while trying to return fire. If you liked the movement in Doom, you should give the trailer a watch.

We look forward to giving you our opinion of MOTHERGUNSHIP when it hits PSN on July 17th.

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