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MotoGP 19 Brings History Back to Life In New Trailer

The lights go out for MotoGP 19 on June 6th. But there’s a lot more going on this year than just an iteration of the current season. That’s because Milestone are adding a touch of the classic to proceedings through the inclusion of historical tracks and riders.

In total, three historical circuits will be joining the lineup of standard bikes and venues, whilst the new feature will also benefit from a separate game mode, populated by numerous faces of old. And by the sounds of the following statement, a number of their finest moments will be recreated in digital form in some kind of scenario based challenges a la F1 2013.

“Living the MotoGP competition is great but having the chance to relive the greatest moments of the past is something you’d rarely experience. Ride as some of the greatest riders of the past in their most iconic moments as professional racers.”

Codesmasters did it first with their Formula One series, realising the potential that historical content had with their market. After all, as much as we’re glued to our TV screens watching modern battles, we’ve all got a moment from the past that stays with us, a certain track that has long since departed the calendar, or rider who’s hung up their helmet. And what better way to grab our attention, and purse strings, than offer us the chance to relive those memories for ourselves?

Still, three historical tracks is a little on the light side – hopefully there are more to come. In the meantime, which tracks or riders are you most looking forward to playing in MotoGP 19?

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