Move Or Die Collaborates With Shotgun Farmers In New Update

Move or Die

That’s right Those Awesome Guys has collaborated with Megastorm Games to bring their lovable Shotgun Farmer characters to Move or Die.

This isn’t the action-packed multiplayer’s first collaboration. Before Move or Die was on PS4 Those Awesome Guys had collaborated with the creators of Rick and Morty to bring some familiar faces to the roster.

The most recent collaboration with the hilarious multiplayer shooter, Shotgun Farmers will work in a very similar way.

On both PS4 and PC players are free to play as the infamous farmer Frank, MooMoo the cow, and last but not least OinkOink the pig. I can’t wait to here the sighs of my friends when I demolish them as a cow.

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However, for the first time since the release of the friendship ruining party game. The Move or Die characters will be making their prime appearance to the roster of Shotgun Farmers.

More information on this side of the collaboration will be discussed later this year.

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