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Move or Die Finally Releasing on PS4 This March After 2 Years of Delays

Move or Die, the bonkers multiplayer games from indie developer Those Awesome Guys, will finally be getting a release on PS4, almost 3 years after it was initially announced for Sony’s console.

The developer have released a brand new trailer to announce the game’s upcoming release. The trailer, which you can watch up above, even acknowledges the long delay with the admission that the developers “f**ked it up”. Fair play, it’s a well done trailer.

Move or Die is a truly wacky game that’s best played with friends in couch co-op or online. And if you have no friends (or a sofa) there’s always the ability to play online with strangers. The premise is that players who fail to move their characters will die in the most spectacular of ways. The game is ever-shifting between mini-game modes that change every 20-30 seconds, ensuring the madness never ends. What’s more is that the PS4 version will drop with three years worth of updates, thanks to the developers jeffing it up for a few years…

Move or Die will release on PS4 this March 5th, and friendships will be officially over on March 6th.

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