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Move to the Rhythm in Songbird Symphony

Fitting in somewhere is hard, especially if you live life to your own rhythm. The main character in Songbird Symphony, Birb, has to deal with the same problem. As an orphan and an outcast among the other birds for his appearance, you might think Birb is sad, but, with a song in his heart, he goes on a journey to learn his origins.

Songbird Symphony is categorized as a puzzle-platformer, rhythm game. As you go through the forest, your head bobs to the beat. Different things in the environment can be a part of a puzzle, but they can also add to the game’s music. Interacting with them to unlock more of that music gives you more symphony to enjoy.

The boss battles are rhythm games as well, so you will need correct timing to unlock a new area and more secrets. The biggest secret is for little Birb learn about his heritage, and there is no DNA swab test. There are feathers scattered across the forest. Finding the owners will shed even more light on his past.

Check out the trailer for Songbird Symphony, and you can play the game on July 25th.

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