Mozart Requiem is a Dark Puzzle Adventure for PS4, Switch and It Looks Awful

It’s not often that I’ll get a press release come through, read it, watch the trailer attached and then sink my face into my hands. Today is one of those days.

GS2 Games has a new game in the works and has released a “launch trailer” for it, despite the game not releasing until October 2021. The game? Mozart Requiem, a dark puzzle adventure game set in the 1700s and featuring the musical maestro himself.

The game follows an old-timey conspiracy against Mozart’s buddy, the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II, and players will be tasked with solving puzzles in the games – and this is a genuine quote from the presser – “gorgeously realistic environments” as well as interact with characters. Now if you take a minute to watch the trailer below, you’ll see these “gorgeously realistic environments” are not actually all that gorgeous or realistic, and the entire thing seems like a low-level joke that you really need to be in-on to understand.

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“Working with GS2 Games to bring our title to the PS4 and Switch has been very empowering” commented Manny Granillo, Chief Creative Officer from HR GAMES “Finding the right partner that understands game development and the thrill of the story is always a challenge.”

Yes, I can imagine finding anybody willing to put their name to this game was quite the challenge indeed. I didn’t even want to write about it. I can’t imagine what it felt like to invest actual money into it.

Mozart Requiem will release in October 2021, just in time for the horrors of Halloween.

The game’s trailer is below. It’s actually a gameplay video but half of it is the “launch trailer” with an extra minute of gameplay stuck on top. Better to take your poison all in one go, don’t they say?

[Update: March 12th, 12:15PM: The video has now been set to private. Perhaps it’s for the best…]

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